Saturday, May 9, 2009

MiFi Personal Wifi Hotspot - "Kewl" or "Lame"

Saw this on the David Pogue Show on tivo

I think its pretty cool, although in some ways no different then a cell modem card for your laptop. The ability to share it is nice, say to local laptops or iphones.
But then my iphone can already get network service via cell at a flat rate I'm already paying. Having to imagine how this is better.
Avoid those stupid $15/day fees at airports ? (and hope your next hub has the same plan ...) ... Avoid the hotels "wifi" service which runs at 28.8k on a good night ?
Be the life of the party at the next geek-night at the restaurant ?

I think this is cooler the lame but not 100% convinced yet ...


Anonymous said...

I think the idea is great, but I still can't justify the cost. Maybe Oprah will be giving us all one of these soon. -Brett

Unknown said...

My vote lame,
Just another device to power up, and I tend to have too many of these..
If it could power up thought a usb.. then maybe..
But for me I have a cell wireless embedded in my laptop already.
Plus 60 bucks a month for occasional use luxury.
Thats got to come down...

Unknown said...

They do have a "daily" Plan (according to David Pogue) for $15. This is similar to the airport fees, and with no commitment.

For single users, I dont get this device, I agree with Bob, its yet one more thing to lug around, when you could get the same thing out of a usb dongle (or say my iPhone ...)

But I see one use. That is "groups", say a business meeting at a hotel or resturant. No worrying about if they have wifi or you can access it, just bring the thingy along and everyone in the confrence room (30 feet max, 5 people max) can have wifi.

Very limited though ... David Pogue seems to be changing into brown pants about how cool this is, but I dont see it.