Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Loose Lucy now with Vocals

I added a vocal track to the Rock'n "Loose Lucy" ... experimenting with "Bill Shatner" style singing :)


scroll to the bottom ... this direct link might or might not work


Monday, June 9, 2008

Sony Alpha DSLR A300

My Sony Cybershot camera finally died so I needed a new camera. I love those tiny ones like the cybershot you can slip in your pocket etc but no matter how much $ you pay the results are sub-par. If your outside in bright sun the pix look good, but low light or even medium light they are awful and lets not even TRY to get an action shot or a flash > 5 feet away.

So this time I got a DSLR. I'll probably also end up getting a pocket camera, but I was tired of pictures coming out awful even when I was at home and had everyone "pose". Research and some real window-shopping at Circuit City I settled on the Sony Alpha series A300. I'm quite happy with it.

Beyond the obvious features of a Digital SLR (DSLR) I wanted "simple" features. Buttons without too many settings and a good "auto" mode so that anyone could use it without thinking and atleast get decent photos. And of course I wanted manual overrides, but without having to go to "Full Manual" where I have to adjust every setting. This model comes out on top in my price range with all this and a lot more.

The Auto mode is excellent, and produced good shots in almost all setting (except the worse where there was a bright backlight ... )

Manual overrides are great, you don't have to go to full manual mode, you can very simply add a "Expose Compensation" (+/- range) in seconds or change the focus or exposure spot with one finger very quickly.

The "Live View" is awesome. I didn't realize this before researching but most DSLR's don't have the same feature as cheep consumer snapshot digital cameras, that is a full LCD view with 100% of the features. The A300 does. Not only that but the LCD can tilt up or down for high or low shots.

And fast, did I say FAST ... Point, click , shoot, repeat ... instant with no lag. This really works as both an exceptional point-n-shoot camera as well as a very decent SLR.

Here's 2 of my favorite shots from my first day shooting.

And a great (intentionally dark) sunset.

New music - Loose Lucy

A little late to blog this, but the reviews are in !
A new recording. "Loose Lucy", I think this is really snapy and crisp, definately one of my better recordings.

http://docs.calldei.com/MusicMyStuff (scroll down to "Loose Lucy")