Tuesday, April 17, 2007

MP3 Player for outdoor use

Well I finally got an MP3 player which satisfies my constraints.
I wasnt asking for much ... just some decent output power ...

a bit over $100 from amazon ... 2GB and 60mw output power ! (about 4x most players).
Too many features but hey, I can ignore the 1" video screen ! geeze ... who's going to watch videos on something the size of a lighter ?
but its got enough room to display full title information, and the EQ feature is actually quite good.
I thought it would be useless but at full volume the bass was clipping so I got to cut the bass and preserve good volume.

Added to my Etymotic ER-6 earplugs and I'm styling.
The ER-6's are prety amazing. While I can hear the lawnmower ... its extremely subdued ... Add 60mw and I can actually hear the music !

so now I have about the same output power as my PPC in a more portable device (can use a neck lanyard)
I think the sound quality of the U3 is slightly worse then the PPC but still very good.

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