Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is your investing strategy ?

Curious minds want to know ! Feel free to reply as comment or to me personally.
Presuming, of course, that you have a monthly or periodic amount of "investment capital" say like I do pulled out of my paycheck before I can spend it on beer, horse feed or saddles, where are you putting it ?

Inquiring minds want to know !!!

Depending on who you listen to or ignore these options are recommended

* "Stay to the course"
Keep dollar-cost-avaraging a monthly amount into long term diversified mutual funds.

* "Invest like wild"
The market is at a long time low, NOW is the time to invest in risky high gain stocks ! Ya baby!

* "Gold"
Gold is at a long term high. So of course you should invest in it ! Who ever heard of "buy low sell high" , its "Buy High!" because your terrified of the future !

* "Hold Cash"
Play it safe and put money in money market, or under the bed.
There's scary dragons out there that want to eat your money. Better times ahead.

* "T-Bills / CDS's"
Atleast you can get what, 1.5% ? Thats good nowadays right ?

* "Invest? Whats that !"
The economy is crashing around us, money is worthless, spend while you got em and then try to go into debt before the system collapses. Who ever dies with the most debt wins !


Chris said...

my investment strategy:

pay off all my credit cards (check)
buy less music, get more mileage out of it (check)
get more paying DJ gigs and residencies (in progress)
student loans (big check)
die w/lots of debt

Unknown said...

Your first comment " Presuming, of course, that you have a monthly or periodic amount of "investment capital"
Lost me 100 %
If I have extra money, I buy toys, trinkets, travel, transportation, tits, trouble. (not in that order)

Unknown said...

re: Bob
That would be the last category then !